Nifty ICT Solutions Ltd is an ICT company registered in The Gambia in 2007. We offer fully integrated services providing a whole spectrum of ICT solutions for business development, public sector support, and Non-Government Organizations in their quest for effective decision making for their various organizational goals.

Our business model is designed to service our clients in the most convenient, friendly and cost-efficient manner providing an integrated solution with training components for all its clients.



Nifty ICT Solutions growing to become a world-class information and communications technology company that will always provide dependable and affordable solutions and these will change the way we work and live

Mission Statement: In Search of Excellence

We do this by living our CORE VALUES of:

  • Raising the standards of our professionalism in the way we do our work and deliver our services,
  • Increasing our dependability by meeting the standards of our organization and that of the clients’, managing the expectations of clients, and delivering services required from us,
  • Expanding our visibility as an organization
  • Providing excellent customer service, one that always leave our clients soothed and happy in their interaction with us,
  • Delivering first-rate staff welfare, as we believe that happy employees produce happy set of clients.

To accomplish this, we give:

  • our employees with an environment that encourages professionalism, innovation, excellence and reliability and increase the effectiveness of our sales force and customer service team.
  • our staff technical rigor and balance approach in providing private and public organizations with creative business solutions to fit their needs.
  • our clients with high quality services, integrated solutions and experience needed to work effectively and efficiently in a timely fashion.
  • our work qualitative process approach of handling and resolving customer demand