Disaster Management System

The Objective of the project is to develop a Disaster Management System and an Accounting system. The system covers the following aspects of disaster issues in the country:

  • The Demography 
  • Livelihoods
  • Infrastructure
  • Damages

The system generates reports for each of the items listed below.

  • Age / Sex /Status
  • Death
  • House damaged completely /  Houses damaged partially
  • Death
  • Latrines damaged
  • Water sources damaged
  • Region
  • Displaced people
  • Agricultural tools

In addition to keeping data on disaster in the various parts of the country, there is a comprehensive (as far as the activities of NDMA are concerned) to manage the finances of the Agency.

The following reports are generated by the financial module of the package.

  • Tracking of Funds from source.
  •  Bank accounts balances
  • Activity based accounting System
  • Expenditures allocation
  • Pay Register
  • Deposit Register
  • Employees’ benefits / salary statement.
  • Family Allotment Schedule
  • Loan Schedules
  • Tax Schedules
  • SSHFC Schedules
  • Employees employment History
  • Assets Inventory

The System Security Component

The system has a very strong and dependable security module that segregates users based on their functions and positions within the Agency so that members of staff only see what they should see and at the same time held accountable for their various activities on the system through the use of Audit Trails.

This module has the following functionalities:

  • to register users, delete and modify their details
  • to change and modify user passwords
  • to provide an audit trail report
  • to assign access rights to registered users based on their functions