Information Technology Diploma

The Information Technology Diploma program presents an array of core concepts of IT management. The course provides an in depth knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite, Operating Systems, Understanding of software and hardware operations, and Web technologies such as HTML. The program will enhance the technical know-how for those who wish to obtain advance user skills to operate and control advance Business Information Strategies and Solutions in today's workplace.

At the end of the course participants

  • Are very conversant with the Windows Environment.
  • Are knowledgeable in Basic Mathematics for Computer Science.
  • Are knowledgeable in the Essentials of Computer Security.
  • Are proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.
  • Are able to use HTML to do basic web design.
  • Are able to install Windows OS in computers,
  • Are able to download and install drivers in computers.
  • Are able to install desktop applications such as MS Office, Adobe Reader etc.
  • Are able to install web browsers and web applications such as Skype.

Entry Requirement

IT Certificate or its equivalent