Software Development

Nifty develops robots, efficient and affordable software applications based on customers request and budgets.

Some of our work includes:

Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation System

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Civil Marriage System

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Dental Management System(NDental)

Dental Management System Features 


  • Department
  • Master Key
  • Function
  • Allergies
  • Branch

System Administration

  • Add Users
  • Manage Users
  • Company Information


  • Patient
  • Staff


  • Fix Appointment

Patience Consultation


  • Patient
  • Staff
  • Consultation
  • Appointments


  • List of Patients
  • List of Staff
  • Payments by date range
  • Pending Payments by date range
  • List of appointments by organization by date range
  • Type of dental cases by date range

Disaster Management System

National Disaster Management System for (NDMA)

The Objective of the project is to develop a Disaster Management System and an Accounting system. The system covers the following aspects of disaster issues in the country:

  • The Demography
  • Livelihoods
  • Infrastructure
  • Damages

The system generates reports for each of the items listed below.

  • Age / Sex /Status
  • Death
  • House damaged completely / Houses damaged partially
  • Death
  • Latrines damaged
  • Water sources damaged
  • Region
  • Displaced people
  • Agricultural tools

In addition to keeping data on disaster in the various parts of the country, there is a comprehensive (as far as the activities of NDMA are concerned) to manage the finances of the Agency.

The following reports are generated by the financial module of the package.

  • Tracking of Funds from source.
  • Bank accounts balances
  • Activity based accounting System
  • Expenditures allocation
  • Pay Register
  • Deposit Register
  • Employees’ benefits / salary statement.
  • Family Allotment Schedule
  • Loan Schedules
  • Tax Schedules
  • SSHFC Schedules
  • Employees employment History
  • Assets Inventory

The System Security Component

The system has a very strong and dependable security module that segregates users based on their functions and positions within the Agency so that members of staff only see what they should see and at the same time held accountable for their various activities on the system through the use of Audit Trails.

This module has the following functionalities:

  • to register users, delete and modify their details
  • to change and modify user passwords
  • to provide an audit trail report
  • to assign access rights to registered users based on their functions

Document Management System

Nifty Document Management System Features

  • The document management system has the ability to take multiple document formats e.g. (word, excel, PowerPoint, text editor, pdf and various picture format)
  • The system enables users to share documents with other users registered in the system, and users can comment on documents that require them to do so
  • Users can see minutes (shared) made by other users on documents that they have been permitted to see
  • The system allows users to view shared documents i.e. a user can view all documents that have been shared with him/her
  • Users can archive documents of their own and later view them in the future without sharing with other users.
  • A document owner can edit previously archived documents as and when necessary
  • The system has a very organized storage structure; allows you to create folders and in each folder you can store more than one file.
  • The System has a very robust search facility that can search for documents by document name, document type, and folder name and document extension.
  • The system can generate reports on all documents archived by different users, and can tell whether those documents were shared or not.
  • It generates report on all shared documents and comments made by different users.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP system Features

The system has the following major components:

  • Supplier management
  • Customer management
  • Invoicing
  • Stock control
  • Sales
  • Income and Expenditure
  • Administrator

Customer management: This module keeps record of customers and reports on customer details. This helps you to know your customer based i.e. the number of customer you do business with.

Reports can be generated so as to know a customer’s statement of account and the number of invoices issued to the customer and payment balances.

Supplier management:  This module is more or less like the customer management module. It keeps detail records of suppliers and detail reports of supplier that you do business with. It also has the capability of printing supplier statement of account as to tell you how much you owing your supplier.

Invoicing:  Invoices are generated for customers based on the products they purchase.

Stock Management: The system will record of items received from the supplier thereby keeping it in stock which is ready for resale. Example of fields captured is:

  • Item number
  • Description
  • Part number
  • Quantity
  • Location
  • Unit cost price
  • Unit selling price
  • Date of stock entry
  • Date of stock exit
  • Exit quantity
  • Stock balance

Payment Module: This module will accept payment from customers who are been invoiced.

Income and expenditure

Chart of Account: This module enables you to create your own account grouping which has the following sub module:

Account groups: e.g. Expenses Account, Income Accounts etc.

Account subgroup: This sub module will have accounts that will fall under any of the Account groups. E.g. Rent, water & Electricity will fall under the expenses account etc.

Transaction: this section will enable the entry of income and expense transactions again against and account.

Administrator Module

  •  This module does the following:
  • Register, modify or delete users
  • Issue or modify user passwords
  • provide an audit trail report
  • Assign access rights to registered users

Garage and Stock Control System

Garage and Stock Control System

The basic features of the system are:

  • The system Keeps track of customer records.
  • Records of vehicle own by a particular customer.
  • The system keeps track of any vehicle that comes for maintenance.
  • A Job card is created for each vehicle under maintenance.
  • The system generates invoice for vehicles upon completion of the maintenance.
  • Records suppliers detail i.e. where you order your products.
  • The system can manage your order schedule as to when you place an order and the order status i.e. whether order is received or not.
  • The system also manages the items in stock and as well tell the stock value when required
  • A record of different product brands and families in stock is capture and classified.
  • There is a comprehensive search system that can used to search for records

Hotel Management System (NHospitality)

Hotel management is getting more complex by the day due to the fact that hotel customers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their request for excellent service.

As a result of this the use of a good hotel management system is becoming increasingly important in the proper administration of a hotel.

In view of this, Nifty ICT Solutions (a 100% Gambian owned ICT Company) has designed and developed a very dependable and affordable Hotel Management System (NHospitality). The system can perform the following core tasks among others:

  •  Secure system administration
  • Booking of rooms
  • Generating customer invoices and accepting payments
  • Booking venues within the hotel (banquet halls, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Managing contractors and Suppliers
  • Producing reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis
  • And many more.

Perhaps another key feature of the system (in addition to those listed above) is that the developers and system integrators of the system as in the country (The Gambia) are Gambians that live in the country.

The full features of the system are:


  • Manage Users


Create New User (This creates new users of the system)

Assign/Un-assigned User Rights (This determines the features you have access to)

Disable User Account (This denies a user access to the system, e.g. on dismissal)

Reset Password (This features is used to change your password)

Audit Trail (This feature reports who used the system, when and for what)

User Level (This feature sets the various user categories of the system)

Backup and Restore (This system is used to backup and restore data )

  • Setup

Parameter Settings

Designation (This sets up the various designations of the users of the system)

Supplier Category (This is used to set up the various supplier categories)

Contractor Category (This feature is used to set up the various contractor categories)

Units of Measurement (This set us the various units of measurements used in the hotel)

  • Stock Setup

Products (This feature gives each product  (e.g. egg) a distinct code or number)

Outlets (This part defines the various outlets (pool bar, kitchen, .e.g. of the hotel)

Menu Data (This sets up the various menu sizes – e.g. small, large and family)

  • Reservation

Rooms Category (This sets up the various room categories the hotel has)

Room Details (This sets up the details of each room category)

Tour Operator (The tour operator details are captured here)

Services (The various services available in the hotel are specified here)


  • Logout (takes you back to the main menu
  • Guest Data Update

Guest Details (The details of the guest are captured by this module)

  • Bookings

Bookings (Guests are booked here)

Confirm Bookings (This is used to confirm bookings)

Guest Check Out (This module checks out guests)

Booking Cancellation (Bookings are cancelled here)

  • Rooms

Room Availability (This checks on the availability of a certain room type)

Room Forecast (This gives information about when rooms could be available)

  • Enquiries (This checks when

Room Availability Lookup (This check for rooms that would be available within a period)

  • Payments

Accept Payment (Payments are made by this module)


  • Logout
  • Supplier Date Update

Supplier Registration (Suppliers are registered with the hotel here)

Enquiries (This part is used to enquire about supplier registration with the hotel)

  • Contractors Data Update

Contractor Registration (Contractors are registered with the hotel here)

Enquiries (This part is used to enquire about contractor registration with the hotel)

  • Tour Operators

Tour Operator Data Update (Tour Operator details are captured here)


  • Logout
  • Stock Update

Data Update (This module stock entries)

Stock Enquiries (Stock enquiries are made here)

  • Request

Product Request (Requests from the various parts of the hotel  (e.g. pool bar) are made here)

Food Request (Guest’s orders are made through this module)

Update Product Request ( )

Update Food Request ( )

View Issued Product ( shows all the orders from a given part  of the hotel within a given period)

  • Sales

Transaction (Captures all the sales tractions made by a given guest)

  • Payment

Accept Payment (This accepts order payments)


  • Administrator

User Details (List of users on the system)

Audit Trail (Activities carried out by a given user in a given period)

  • Reservations

Guest List (List of guests)

Room Category (Room Rates by category)

Room Details (Total rooms in use and available)

Bookings (List of active and confirmed bookings and their corresponding periods)

Room Availability (List of rooms in use and those available)

Stay List

Room Occupancy

Daily Expected Arrivals


Invoice Statement (List of invoices giving the total amount and balance )

Payments (List of amounts paid)

  • Partner

 List of Contractors

 List of  Suppliers

  • Transaction


Stock List

Stock List By Supplier

Stock Request


Invoices  (List of invoices list by ‘fully paid’ , ‘partially or not paid’)

Daily Sales (List of daily sales)

Logout (logs you out of the system)

Human resource system(NHR)

Human resource system features


This part sets up the following parameters:

  • User Management (new user registration, Assign rights, disable accounts, reset password)
  • Departments
  • Unit
  • Designation
  • Leave Types (e.g. sick leave, annual leave etc.)

Staff Details

The Staff Details module registers the bio data of members of staff into the system.

Staff Documents

This is a sub module under staff details, its function will be to upload certifications, warning letters and other documents relating to the staff.

Staff Enquiries

This module does a quick search on a staff, thereby giving you the basic staff details, view qualification, training bonds and other documents.

Staff Leave

The leave form will capture staff going for leave, at the time of filling this form it can tell the user the leave entailment for the staff. The User can identify the type of leave the staff is taking.

Staff Training

This system captures staffs on training, by identifying what type of training, the name of the course, the duration etc.

Staff Aparassal

The system has the ability to appraise a staff from one level to another; be it from a designation to another or one department to another etc.


The system will generate the following alerts to ease the work of the HR personnel:

  • Notification on a staff due for retirement
  • Notification on a staff who is due to return from leave about to return within few days
  • Notification on a staff whose training has ended
  • The system has the ability to upload document in different formats (word, excel, notepad, jpg, pdf etc.)

Library Management System

Library Management System



  • Basic Data
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Audit Trail
  • Class
  • Publication type
  • Publishers
  • Membership Type
  • Authors




  • Suppliers Data Update


  • Membership Update


  • Book Update
  • Enquiries

Daily transaction

  • Member Request
  • Issue Books
  • Return Books


  • Accept Payments


  • Members Account
  • Stock


Members Report

  • List of Members
  • Members by Gender
  • Member By Type

Bibliographic Report

  • Publication Type
  • Author
  • List of Authors
  • List of Publisher
  • List of Categories
  • Class List
  • Stock Reports

Financial Reports

  • Members Account


  • Most Borrowed Book
  • Issues and Returns
  • Books by Gender
  • Class Grouping

Microfinance Information Management System (VISACA)

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Moto Insurance Management System

Auto Insurance Management System

We have developed a full Motor Insurance Systems that makes vehicle insurance very simple. Some for the salient features are as follows

  • It keeps track of the vehicle categories e.g. private vehicle, Own goods etc
  • It captures Premium rates for different policy types for different vehicle categories
  • The package keeps track of your customers’ records i.e. customers registered in the system so as to know and manage your customer base.
  • Records of Vehicles are also captured as to know what customer owns what vehicle(s).
  • New business (both fleet and non-fleet) can be created for which the Gross and Net premium would be calculated depending on the type of vehicle you want to insure; there are various tariffs for various vehicle types.
  • Renewal of existing, including fleet, policies
  • Different branches are also recorded so as to tell what branch does what transaction and by who I.e. (the user), with the help of a network in place.
  • An account is created for each customer
  • A flexible payment system that captures customer payments
  • Detailed Report System on customer payments, customers, vehicles and policies
  • Computerized certificates cover notes and policies

Payroll (Nifty Pay)

Payroll (Nifty Pay)

The payroll was designed and developed by Nifty ICT Solutions.

The system has the following main menu items:


  • User Management
  • Bank setup
  • Departments
  • Unit
  • Designation
  • Allowances / Deductions Category
  • Salary Category
  • Tax Table
  • SSHFC Contribution
  • Loan Type
  • Grading
  • Reverse Salary
  • Recalculation of loan duration and monthly deduction

Staff Details

  • Staff number
  • Designation
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Surname
  • Picture
  • Address
  • street
  • Fixed Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Fax Number
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Appointment date
  • Bank Name
  • Branch Name
  • BBAN
  • Account Number
  • Department
  • Unit
  • ID Number
  • TIN
  • Basic Salary
  • Taxable Pay
  • Staff status (Active or Inactive)
  • Social Security Number
  • Comments


  • Loan Registration
  • Loan Number
  • Loan Type
  • Application Date
  • Staff Number
  • Staff Name
  • Basic Salary
  • Amount
  • Loan Duration
  • Deductions start and end dates
  • Whether Interest will be applied or not
  • Interest Rate
  • Total Amount
  • Maturity Date
  • Guarantor’s Name
  • Purpose of Loan
  • Monthly deduction
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Mass issuance of 1X6 loan (can issue 1 x 6 to every member of staff at once).
  • Staff can pay off loans or part of the loan even before the maturity date.
  • Loan deductions can be skipped, e.g. during Tobaski or Christmas loan deductions can be skipped for that month.

Capture number of days worked by daily paid staff


  • Allocate Allowances and Deductions
  • Update Allowances and Deductions
  • Process salary
  • Salary Reversal
  • Annual Salary Increment


The system produces the following report:

  • Staff details
  • by department and unit
  • by designation
  • Payslip
  • Permanent
  • Temporary Staff
  • Monthly summation of allowances and deductions
  • Monthly Income Tax
  • Monthly Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation contributions
  • Individual Income Tax account
  • Individual Social Security Account
  • Individual annual Increment History
  • Repayments
  • Summation to Bank
  • Pay List for Temporal staff
  • 1 x 6 pay slip
  • Payroll Summary for Permanent Staff
  • Payroll Summary for Temporal Staff

Note: The System has the ability to import data on existing loans for your institution.

Nifty Pay Footprints

  • Kanifing Municipal Council
  • Jammeh Foundation Hospital
  • Lemon Creek Hotel and Resort
  • National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority
  • AFPRC Hospital (Farafenni)
  • Bansang Senior Secondary School
  • Kotu Senior Secondary School
  • Management Development Institute
  • Future in Our Hands

Post Office Box and Mail Bag Management System

Post Office Box and Mail Bag Management System

Some of the basic features of the system are listed below

  • Keeps record of Customer ie Customer Details
  • Assigns post boxes to Customers
  • The system de-allocates post boxes from customers based on set guidelines of operations.
  • Individual Customer Accounts
  • Debtors control account
  • Box enquiries
  • The program has an auto billing program that runs yearly thereby generating invoice all the customers whose box status is active.

Records Management System

Records Management System (For NRS)

The program is designed to keep track of all incoming and outgoing mails within the NRS. It also has the facility for employee records management, which manages employees under NRS.

The front end of the system is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net and the back-end is implemented on SQL Server. The Features of the system includes modules for:

  • System Administration and Login
  • Registration ( Inward and Outward Correspondences )
  • Indexing
  • Tracking
  • Employee Records Management
  • Search
  • Reporting

System Administration and Login

In this module, a system has the ability:

  • to register users, delete and modify their details
  • to change and modify user passwords
  • to provide an audit trail report
  • to assign access rights to registered users

It should be noted that a password policy will be implemented for better security of the system. Users shall be prompted a maximum of three attempts for entry into the system failure of which they will be denied access.


This module captures details of the receipt or dispatch of correspondences in and out of the NRS. Its distinct feature includes the ability to upload and display scanned images and their subsequent storing into a database.


This module implements an indexing system for the keyword and file series. It will have a feature of assigning keywords and also maintaining a database of keywords and file series for each records office under the NRS.


This module enables users to be able to locate in real time the status of files in the system.

Employee Records Management

This module manages, control and administer employees’ records at the NRS. Its main features will include sub modules for current employees, former staff and trained staff. It shall keep employees history throughout their employment and even after leaving the services of the NRS.


This module has the ability to allow users to be able to query the database for specific files base on their file reference or by keywords. Users will also be able to query particular employee records. The search will be limited as per the access rights of the user.


This module produces reports on the following:

  • file census
  • seniority list, trained staff and former staff
  • employee profile
  • number of incoming mails for a date range
  • number of outgoing correspondences for a date range
  • file series and keyword indexes as well as system audit trails

Saving Bank Management System

This life, which had been the tomb of his virtue and of his honour, is but a walking shadow; a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Stock Management and Accounts System

Setup (captures basic parameters for the production of the letterhead, rate, item groups etc.)

Basic Data (Company Information)

  • Bank
  • Exchange Rate
  • Customer Category
  • Products
  • Item Group
  • Item Family
  • Item Subgroup
  • Printer Setup

Administrator (Manage user account – register users and define their access rights for security purposes)


  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Enquiries


  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Invoice


  • Order Preparation
  • Order Receipt
  • Order Cancellation

Stock Update

  • Stock Update
  • Stock Enquiries


  • Proforma Invoice
  • Invoice Preparation
  • Cash Sales


  • Customer Payment
  • Customer Receipt
  • Cash Sales Receipt

Chart of Accounts

  • Account Group
  • Account Sub-group


  • Sales Accounts
  • Purchase Accounts
  • Debtors (Control Account)
  • Creditors (Control Account)
  • Cash Book

Account Transactions

  • Transaction



  • Asset Inventory
  • Payment Voucher
  • Bank Deposit


  • Customer Account
  • Supplier Account
  • Bank Deposit


  • Customers

General Customer List

Customer Payment Details

  • Suppliers

General Supplier List

Supplier Payments

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Accounts

Account Group

Account Sub-group

  • Stock

General Stock Listing

  • Utilities


Student Management System (NStudent Manager)

Nifty ICT Solutions Student Management System (NStudent Manager) is a feature-rich database application that helps the School Administration effectively and efficient mange the student’s affairs throughout his/her schooling at the school.

The key features of the System are:

Administrative Setup

This part of the system is used to capture details that do not change much, e.g. School name, phone number, grades in the school etc.

The following basic data is set up during the setup stage:

  • School Information
  • User accounts
  • Fields of Study
  • Grades and classes within grades
  • Subjects, pass marks and grading
  • School terms and Fees
  • Term
  • Principals
  • Guardian and Sponsor Details
  • Extra-Curricular activities
  • Health Issues
  • Backup Database
  • Maintenance

Student General Details

This module captures the bio details of the student, his field of study and his status at the school.

  • Student Details and Subject selections
  • Student’s status (current, graduated, transferred, expelled or deceased)
  • Update Student’s Field of Study


The academic module captures and displays the student marks for the various academic evaluations and in addition manages the book store and issuing of books to students.

  • Enter, view and edit marks
  • Book store management


The payments module basically does the billing and collection of fees from the students

  • Billing and Payment

Student Enquiries

This module performs the enquiries listed below.

  • Enquiries: student, guardian, parent and payments


The promotion aspect of the system handles student promotions and testimonials

  • Promotion: by Merit or clemency
  • Confirm Repeat List
  • Testimonial


The reporting module produces the reports listed below.

Student Details

  • General List of students
  • Details of a particular Student
  •  List students by: gender, grade and class
  • Former students list
  • Transferred/Expelled/Deceased Cases
  • Student sponsors and Guardians
  • Promotion List: by merit and clemency
  • Repeat List
  • Student’s Statement of Accounts
  • Debtors List

Academic Report

  • Term Mark
  • Annual Mark
  • Transcript
  • Testimonial
  • Results Analysis
  • Cumulative CASS Marks (for WASSCE)
  1. We provide training for users of the system
  2. Your investment is very secure and the terms are flexible and negotiable
  3. You get support as and when you need it and not charged.
  4. Your only investment for support is the acquisition of the system

Sale of Computers, Peripheral Devices and Software

As part of Nifty’s effort to provide quality service, we sell world renowned computer brands. Our goal is to ensure that our clients use only suitable technology for their day to day activities.

Our line of products include:

  1. Computer and Accessories
  2. OKI Printers, consumables and print media
  3. Fujitsu Scanners
  4. Quick Heal Antivirus for enterprise network, standalone computers and mobile devices
  5. UserGate web security, userGate email security and userGate cloud solutions
  6. Microsoft (Office 365, windows desktop/laptop and server) licenses.
  7. Adobe Solutions.
  8. Autodesk