Record Management System

The program is designed to keep track of all incoming and outgoing mails within an organization. It also has the facility for employee records management, which manages employees.

     The Features of the system includes modules for:

  1. System Administration and Login
  2. Registration ( Inward and Outward Correspondences )
  3. Indexing
  4. Tracking
  5. Employee Records Management
  6. Search
  7. Reporting



In this module, a system has the ability:

  • to register users, delete and modify their details
  • to change and modify user passwords
  • to provide an audit trail report
  • to assign access rights to registered users


It should be noted that a password policy will be implemented for better security of the system. Users shall be prompted a maximum of three attempts for entry into the system failure of which they will be denied access.



This module captures details of the receipt or dispatch of correspondences in and out of the NRS. Its distinct feature includes the ability to upload and display scanned images and their subsequent storing into a database.



This module implements an indexing system for the keyword and file series. It will have a feature of assigning keywords and also maintaining a database of keywords and file series for each records office under the NRS.



This module enables users to be able to locate in real time the status of files in the system.



This module manages, control and administer employees’ records at the NRS. Its main features will include sub modules for current employees, former staff and trained staff. It shall keep employees history throughout their employment and even after leaving the services of the NRS.



This module has the ability to allow users to be able to query the database for specific files base on their file reference or by keywords. Users will also be able to query particular employee records. The search will be limited as per the access rights of the user.



This module produces reports on the following:

  • file census
  • seniority list, trained staff and former staff
  • employee profile
  • number of incoming mails for a date range
  • number of outgoing correspondences for a date range
  • file series and keyword indexes as well as system audit trails