Student Management System

Schools use Nifty Student Management System to capture data and give relevant management information with regards to day-to day administrative and academic activities relating to students in the school. 

This system generally helps school administrators to manage the affairs of a senior secondary school and it has the following capabilities

  • Each student is given a unique number at the time of registration that the student maintains for life
  • Student details are kept for every student
  • The guardian and sponsor details are kept for every student
  • The system allows students to pick or drop subjects depending on their choices
  • A flexible payment module that allows student fees to be paid by installment
  • A set of comprehensive academic records are kept for every student
  • Based on set criteria students are promoted at the end of each year

Reports Generated From The System

  • Comprehensive class lists, including gender,  is generated for every class
  • A list of promoted students is generated as well as one for those not promoted
  • Student transcripts can be generated as and when required
  • Student annual or term reports can be generated as and when required
  • The modules that any user can have access to would depend on the user’s role in the school administration
  • Student are able to check their payment status and payment balance on the system with their user names and passwords