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Web Design

The Web Design teaches the students all the necessary knowledge and skills they require to build websites that adhere to the web 2.0 princibles. Web design is an invaluabe skill in the job market today. Students are introduced to the most advanced techniques in designing and implementing web applications that are mobile and hand gadget friendly. As we live in an "Internet of things" era, students are prepared for the future in which they will take part in building today's and tomorrow's technologies.

At the end of the course students are able to:

CompTia A+ (2012) 800 Series

The CompTia A+ program provides the students with adequate knowledge and technical skills to repair and maintain Personal Computers. The program entails the best practices in Computer Architecture and Design principles that enables the student to operate on the most recent computer devices we use today. The course is both theoritical and practical. Students are given the hands-on experience in class to dismantle computers, diagnose their problems, solve the problems and re-assemble the computers accurately.

At the end of the course participants are able to:

Information Technology Diploma

The Information Technology Diploma program presents an array of core concepts of IT management. The course provides an in depth knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite, Operating Systems, Understanding of software and hardware operations, and Web technologies such as HTML. The program will enhance the technical know-how for those who wish to obtain advance user skills to operate and control advance Business Information Strategies and Solutions in today's workplace.

At the end of the course participants

Information Technology Foundation

This course is about exposing the participants to what computers are and how they can add value to our daily activities both at home and our work place. It is out of necessity today that students are exposed to information technology very early to aid them in both their learning environment and their workplaces in the future. Information technology cannot be avoided in our business and social responsibilities anymore. It is therefore very important to embrace it to fit into today's works of life.

At the end of the course students are able to:

Information Technology Certificate

Our certificate course will give you the skills necessary to get the most out of your computer by building on your basic understanding of computers obtained from our ICT Foundation course or several years’ practical experience with computers. The course will give you a higher level understanding of information and communications technology which could also serve as the start of and ICT career development.

At the end of the course applicants should be able to: